Demystifying Health


We consist of the exact same particles we find all around us in nature. We are organic and our lifestyle, food and medicine has to be too if we want to maintain health. What we put in and on our body will create our body and surroundings, including the substances that produce and are produced by, our feelings and thoughts.

" this stage i don’t know what I know about myself or not, because i have connected everything in the universe."  -  Kyoung-Il

". . . it's as if all those ten years of psychotherapy and mental health quests were useless compared to those three weeks at Olive."  -  Thomas

Health is not mystical, maybe life is, but not health. Being healthy is a sensible lifestyle of cause and effect. One can choose to live fully and care for the body-mind or one can neglect it and be half alive through numbing and obstructing the body-mind to fit an unnatural lifestyle. The latter will most likely imply seeing the body-mind as a "problem" or even an enemy, which will lead to an inflammation of some sort and the need for chemical drugs of which most are derived from petroleum. The worst one to date is the Covid vaccine. Scroll down for our recommended protocol to detox it.

The Detox is how we learn to listen to our complete and very exceptional beings, and being grateful for it, the body and the mind all rolled up into one. In fact, for us the "body" and "mind" are really one and the same in different substances levels, (organs, liquids, vital force), and the words themselves used simply as different ways to describe our experiences as human beings. To see the body and mind as separate but in some way connected objects, is to create a situation in which we are often forced to choose between selves, and this in turn is the root of the unhealthy and inflammatory feelings of fear and confusion, a tool well used by rules throughout times. It's the origins of our poorly constructed ideological roots and nothing is further from the "truth" and what we already know as natural. Concerning health we can clearly see how health care is often disease care and the huge suffering it has caused, lately jumping up from 2nd or 3rd to 1st cause of death in highly vaccinated countries and medicated countries.

The O·Method

The solution for us is to see ourselves as complete and creative beings, and what we call the "mind" as that which reports on the activities of what we call the "body." You are not a contradiction. You do not house an antimony. You are exactly who you are supposed to be, including any doubts, fears and stories you have about that. Our method includes well defined and very pragmatic classes that aim to clarify who you are and what you really want. The rest is easy.

So, whether you are seeking to lose weight, or gain it, or find peace and harmony in your life, or struggle with anxiety or depression, or have pain or disease in any part of yourself, we have created the perfect atmosphere for whatever you hope to achieve, or believe you hope to achieve in your search for health and "joie de vivre".

We offer solid and trustworthy support in a way that validates your life in all aspects. We see you as a complete and creative living being on a journey, and if that journey should bring you to us, we celebrate your life experience in a way that makes sense of it all, including the changes you want to make that brought you here. We start with the premise that there is no right, wrong or normal - though indeed there is pain -  but an opportunity to understand and learn from our existence, and not judge it. All thoughts, emotions and expressions are welcome/d - the painful and the enjoyable ones - and all are valid. In fact, they are our best teachers, however they are transient and they are not who we are. Identification with them is a fundamental flaw in human ideology.


We fully trust your life story. We allow you the space to express freely (should you wish to), and support you as you grow into the person you long to be. We do this through combining education, research, experience and we integrate the two parts Mind Detox and Body Detox to create the Soul (Karmic) Detox: 

- lots of listening, talking and learning,

- meditation, contemplation and breathing,

- observation, research and reading,

- healthy exercise and yoga (mind and body),

- the healthiest vegan diet, (body and mind),

- chemical free, 100% outdoor venue,

- the ultimate airy, safe and cozy sleep situation,

- nature, beaches, mountains, temples, cafes, forests, village life

All programs are individualized to meet you at where you are*. Check out some of our testimonials or books like Butterfly Man, about John a famous athlete who healed his body through the mind, or Raising a Black Dog, by Monet Tiran who healed his mind through his body. You find them on Amazon with our other books.

Ditch the Cliches

We say ditch many cliches we died by and in particular the "Ps" cause 3.7 b years of evolution wasn't a mistake, but our ideas about it might be.


"The mind is indeed willing, but the flesh is weak."

St. Paul


"The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile."


99% of all diseases and disorders are inflammation based, and 80% of all premature deaths are a result of lifestyle. With some 200.000 man-made toxins circulating in our environment and in our bodies, it's always a good idea to master a tailored detox now or then. We promote a chemical-free, natural body-mind-soul detox and lifestyle with "No-Pain-Health-Gain", as well as health programs adapted to the modern era with back-home support for you to continue if you wish to do so. All detoxes are gentle, very easy and very individualized, based on your Dosha (DNA-environment).

Integrated into the program is our Mind Detox, equally important as the Body Detox. It's an ongoing review of thoughts and feelings in a set of dialogues that include insights from the sciences, the humanities and the spiritual traditions. We call it our O·live 8 (O8) Mind Detox Dialogue. With them you’ll understand why you think the way you think. Only then you might be free, you might have a choice, you might want to change or you might love what you have. 

O·live 8 (O8)

1. Observe properties not man-made principles to find your truth (still so there is only cause and effect).

2. You are a process, not a product, which version of you is the "real" you? (is there an inertial us in time and space?)

3. Body chemistry is boss (how much of my feeling is induced?)

4. Humans are just another species (what does it mean to acknowledge nature?)

5. Words are like maps (who are we outside of the language we use to talk about ourselves and to ourselves?)

6. Become better than the "God" that got you to this point. (How obligated are we to various authority forms?)

7. There are solutions - imagination is the first one. (Are health and creativity correlated?)

8. Have faith, everything's going to be "ok" - (the power of being coherent and honest in a belief or not believe, is key for healing.)

Keys Parts of Us

Enhancing Connectivity

It is said that meditation is one of the most powerful ways to become healthy, and we agree. Meditation boosts our immune systems, raises our energy levels, alleviates or eliminates anxiety and depression, raises our sense of self esteem, helps us make decisions, lowers inflammation, brings awareness, peace and tranquility, rejuvenates, boosts creativity – and more! We often hear how work performance enhances and relationship issues dissipate from our guests. A fresh look at ourselves in light of modern research and not so modern research, we roll this all up into a creative meditative lifestyle with the best vegan diet, fresh air, good yoga, healthy exercise, beauti(ful) sleep, love, and a few other essentials like friends and this's and that's.

In Khao Tao we are at the core of the Theravada Buddhists, and enjoy a well-known temples and a meditation center. We review various historic forms of meditations and awareness and then quickly jump to our Creative Medications (Cm), a more natural and creative practice to enhance your connection with the universe and support your health. We don’t force anything, especially our minds. We allow them to roam the history of our existences and settle into a peace and acceptance with what the universe has given us, our 'karmentum'. That's when the real benefit of meditation arrives and you can experience your relative self in our Creative Meditations (Cm). That's when things start falling in place. It's very cool ?

Unifying the Body and Mind

They call it Yoga and Qi Gong and Thai Chi... we call it "unifying our bodies" through flexibility and Prana-breathing. A rigid body often means a rigid mind and vv. With the O·method for everyone, advanced or beginner, you will learn how to de-block to connect the body and mind (of which you are neither) and how to go deep inside in order to “diagnose” yourself. Learn movement, breathing, self-reflexology with your specific points and meridians to enhance the healing process in a natural, instant and very healthy way. The body is the best doctor to diagnose and the best pharmacy to produce all the "medication" you need if you know how to help it to do so. We demystify the body and it's biochemical processes leading to health and joy.

A flexible body gives a flexible mind and a relaxed mind gives a relaxed body, and is more likely to be a happy body-mind. We lean on the ancient teachings of Yoga Sutra and the Ashtanga (the 8 limbs of Yoga), which tell us how Yoga is as much a mental exercise as a physical one. This is when students finally 'get it' and love it. The body and mind and spirit become one and they feel it. No competition, no struggle, just the experience of being a living organism in flow with the universe. Add the Tao Te Ching and you get the blissful Eastern philosophy in a nutshell.

Every morning we start the day with a sunrise O·stretch in the canopy of trees on our Shala. We adapt to your needs, flexibility and strength. All levels of experience are welcome and the sessions are followed by breathing exercises, or Pranayamas, and meditation or relaxation. Extra afternoon sessions are offered to those who benefit.


Energized & Respectful Eating 

Food is very important, but it's not everything. Our food choices have an impact on ourselves and the environment more than any other goods. It's important not only for physical health, but also for mental health. A quick review of the health conditions in developed countries with poor diets will reveal how terrible we feel when we eat poorly and are physically sick. At O·live we make and serve a kind, quick and efficiently-made, delicious, nutrient-packed, all vegan diet as nature produces it (non refined) and for a during the detox without any sugar, gluten, yeast, etc. 

Why only plants? Because the data is clear, plants are simply the best food for every part of us and you will feel it too. You won't be hungry, tired or sluggish - the contrary. We teach you to read your own nature, your body and mind, to add any missing vitamins, minerals or other, to restore and maximize your health on all levels. You will be delighted by our colorful food, we promise (hint: Conde Nast Traveller rewarded the food but we know she felt it bc of the program:) 

Once upon a time we hosted a food critic for The Independent who specializes in French food and wine. She said that her week with us was “the best food week of my life.” In another case, the most successful restaurateur in Ireland said, and still says, our food is “the best I’ve ever had, like.” 

Read what the media and testimonials say and our blog .

Elemental Exercise & Sleep

Movement is an essential part of being mentally and physically healthy, not only to lose fat or gain muscle. You don't need much to get the dopamine effect and happy hormones such as endorphins and serotonin. It strengthens the muscles and as such detoxes us through the lymphatic system and better sleep. It helps your heart pump oxygen and nutrients around. It clears your respiratory system from toxins and even the microbiome and the gut loves you when exercising. The skin loves a good sweat and the better sleep that comes from it. If it's done outdoors in good air which is always the case at O·live, the benefits rise. The kidneys and the liver (our "washing machines") are helped and the bones get stronger and the liquid in the joints returns. . . we could go on forever on why O·exercise - a gentle caring practice - of anaerobic and aerobic exercise ultimately increases the likelihood of being happier and healthier, living longer and better, and leads to greater peace of mind instantly. Our job is to find the right moves for you.

Healthy exercise doesn’t imply breaking any endurance records (not so healthy as many think) on the contrary. It's also about planning and we integrate exercise in all we do so that you won't even notice that you have done it. We bike to the pueblo to get tomatoes, we walk while we talk, we hike up the mountain for a sunset meditation, we explore the temple on the hill, or you might like shopping at the evening market, run at the beach, or swim after the morning yoga. Whatever you like is what you are going to keep doing back home. Know thy self and make it simple!

"It was a gift from my daughter and I didn't know what to expect . . . This is the best thing I have ever done. I can't even remember all the silly questions that occupied my mind before . . . all my life. They are all so irrelevant now. The O8 made them go."

~ Sabrina, Germany 

The COVID detox

Detox the COVID illness, the COVID injection and the COVID propaganda

The Covid jab was (is still in some countries) a big marketing campaign, and the worst violation of human bodies and rights we have ever experienced in our lifetime. It will probably make Hitler and Stalin look like boy scouts in a historic perspective. In writing, death rates have boomed all over the injected world with a 20% rise in Europe and 40% in the USA, a 37% rise in my home country Spain. Infertility soars, miscarriages and infant death is up 70% in Australia and it has only started. Experts believe the coming five years will see un-precedented death globally. (watch 'Died Suddenly' on

First, the virus was man made in Wuhan & paid for with US taxes, with highly dangerous spike proteins that have killed over 180 million people up to date. Then the same perpetrators made the most toxic experimental injection called "vaccine", killing even more people than all the vaccines together since we started vaccinations and likely more than the disease it was suppose to prevent, and the worst is yet to come. Extreme excess deaths all over the world, being worst in highly jabbed countries, speak for themselves. It's hard to manipulate death rates but diseases are yet to be acknowledged by the authorities who invent new names such as SAD (sudden adult death syndrome) to cover up their mistakes to put BigPharma in charge of our health care. During the past years we and our colleagues around the world, have investigated the liquid injected and we have seen and studied symptoms such as Turbo Cancer, CVD, neuralgia, myocarditus, pericarditus and much, much more. Whether you had the disease or got the jab or none (spike proteins spread through body liquids) we highly recommend a gentle detox.

1. Stop taking the jab and get informed

An obvious step one would think, but many have still to seek information and stop denying that Covid was in its totality a human created disaster. Everyone, including governments were fooled and others were in on it for various reasons. Many are still stuck in denial and even protective of what they have done to themselves, their kids and for having pushed others to get injected and bullied those who didn't. To all the bullies we can only say: Repent, and know that you have been submitted to the largest and most well-planned propaganda ever in human history. Watch The Highwire, Science for Hire, Plandemic, the Real Anthony Fauci, etc, (on uncensored platforms).

Research and listen to all the experts and doctors who have warned us for years hence gotten silenced, lost their licences and jobs, and some have even gotten "suicided" as Dr. Kary Mullis who invented the PCR technology, when he called out to say that PCR doesn't work for testing. We recommend you to seek information on any of the alternative browsers - Brave, Freespoke, and video platforms - Rumble, Odysse, Bitchute and Brandnewtube. The best way to find information directly from the source are: The Highwire with Del Bigtree, with interviews and their weekly science reports (the Jaxen Report). They also have a legal department with the lawyer Aaron Siri whom we have to thank for finally making the Pfizer papers public, which showed that they and FDA, CDC, etc, knew injection would kill and harm. The Children's Health Defense with Robert Kennedy Jr., a lawyer who sued many toxic criminals long before Covid and all the experts and doctors in person whom are fighting the narrative, such as Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of the mRNA technology), Dr. Micheal Yeadon (former Pfizer CSO), Dr. Paul Marik (fired for saving patients with treatments such as vitamin C and Ivermectin), Dr. David Martin (discovering who has patents on the Covid virus), Edward Dowd who like me worked as a strategist, in his case for Blackrock, Professor Dolores Cahill who has warned us for years, etc, etc. 

Download Telegram and Gettr, the first uncensored platforms which popped up when Meta apps, Linkedin and Twitter ran the propaganda bureaus' errands and censored those who wanted to know what was in the liquid before injecting it. Follow the The World Freedom Alliance, The World Council for Health or our own OLIVE channels in English, Spanish or Swedish where we give tips and re-post the best information. Our tips on social media have often been blocked for saying things like "ginger tea is good if you have a sore throat", which just shows how desperate they are to stop all natural healing. Our WordPress blog has 10 years of recommendations in text format and our pod on Olive Loves Life on Castbox has them in voice.

2. Start living a really healthy lifestyle

Eat and treat your body as we describe above and in our books, blogs, pods and posts. Get rid of chemicals in your food (additives), air (fresheners and smelly stuff), cosmetics (aluminum in deos, petrochemicals soap, creams, etc, etc). Integrate a good Prana-breathing in your day. The daily detox is the absolute best one, and you should include some type of intermittent fasting and liquid days. If your symptoms get better you can have destructive days, such as heavy Christmas dinner and other toxic events (if it gives you authentic pleasure) but get your health back first. Your body and health are yours if you don't give them away to Gates, BigPharma or some moral lies (such as having to get jabbed to save others). Everyone needs to take care of themselves and many have yet to realize that our leaders don't care about us. What can honor Go(o)d more than caring for one's life and the body that was given to us to live? Don't allow those who prefer to outsource their health, to shame you into jabbing yourself. Be rebellious - be healthy - and the others usually follow. 

If you suffer from severe symptoms get personal advice.

3. Take detoxing supplements and maybe do a Fast & Flush

Below is a basic protocol which means it is just that, basic! In combination with the above you will get a better effect. If you have specific symptoms you need to add supplements as we are genetically different, hence predisposed to have different expressions of toxicity and disease. For example if your symptoms are cardio-vascular you ought to take polyphenols such as the OPCs, if your symptoms are tumors you should take catechins and tumeric-piperine, if they are neurological you need more of certain vitamins and Alpha-lipoic acid, etc.

Below is therefore a general recommendation as a foundation. For many this is enough and don't underestimate the importance of sleep, food, water, air and ditch the blame, shame and guilt trip. Basic! 

The Basic Detox Supplements for All:

- Take a Multivitamin (~20 vitamins and ~9 minerals). You might have to take double or triple doses if they are low in amounts/capsule. With the basic vitamins and minerals (that has gone down with 50-80% since 1945 in industrial farm's crops) you should take anti-oxidants such as those in Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea, Turmeric, all taken with Black Pepper at mealtime. If you can afford them all take them all. Spices are better than capsules, as their shelf-life is usually shorter and they are often less manipulated. Apart from the supportive supplements you need something that can extract toxins from your cells, called chelating agents. The most useful and general ones are the amino acid  NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) and the enzyme SOD (Superoxide Dismutas) covering a large amount of biochemical processes in our bodies. There are other good chelating agents but you would have to know more about your specific symptoms to know which ones to try.

If you try supplements you cannot count on a clear effect until after three months so there's no point in doing an evaluation after a week or two. Always give it three months and write a dairy if you want to be sure you get an effect.

The man-made spike proteins in the injections and on the fabricated Corona C19-toxic, can pass from an injected person to other humans or animals through close physical contact, so called shedding. The first reported issues were altered menstruation. The mRNA injected has much higher amounts in their bodies as these proteins alter the immune system to produce more of themselves. They have been found in our water, in food and all over the earth. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are the two anti-microbial medicines that they took off the market (in spite of being used for decades) in order to push the injections. They can safely be used if you think you have "long COVID".  The fermented Nattosoy (Japanese food) has shown to break down the spike protein and can also be used safely.

Last but not least, study! Read the stats of scholarly articles, follow us or those who don't stand to benefit from lying if you want facts. Know that vitamins, minerals and supplements are so safe they are not even on the lists of 'causes of death' in any country. Death from lightning and bee stings are, but not supplements, so don't believe any article that says it's not safe. Take them as prescribed or as recommended if you need more and find a good quality (many companies have been bought by Pharma the past years!). The propaganda from the Pharma industry is huge, as all organic (natural) molecules are their worst enemy (it can't be patented) they will continue to ridicule and minimize the usage but in a poisoned environment and having lost over 50% of the vitamins and minerals in food (due to industrialized farming) we don't have any better choice than to supplement or find old seeds to grow our own food. Eat fresh fruit and greens every day.

With the above we hope to clarify some of the most common questions we get namely: "How can I detox the jab and C19?"

We dedicated our lives to help those who are interested in learning about real and sustainable immunity and health. Although we today only teach medical professionals we are still answering questions as much as we can. You reach us best over email. 

Good luck and stay Zen.