"In Ayurveda, we are not separate from nature, so if it's sick with toxic waste we are too."


"The goal is to live a as thermodynamically efficient a lifestyle as possible."


Our Print Is Not Even a Foot long

- we are vegan (the best climate act you can make)

- we've planted as many as 400 trees and large plants and 

- many more small herbs and food who clean the soil and air 

- we cook all our own food (no packaged food) in the following way

- a one burner induction stove top

- steamed with minimal water (normally 5-10 minutes)

- we add olive oil only after cooking, to reduce water required to clean dishes (no frying)

- we don't stack the dishes  (if you do you have to clean two sides)

- we use a pressure cooker for rice (maximum 8 minutes), and legumes (maximum 10 minutes)

- we do not eat pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, GMO or otherwise

- we do drink coffee, but buy green, locally produced beans and toast them ourselves, slowly

- we buy all locally produced food stuffs in open markets that require no electricity to operate (maybe some nuts or grains are non local at times)

- all water used for dishes is collected and poured onto the garden

- we use primarily locally made salt deodorants and eco-soaps (very little) and make our own 'lotions'

- we go to bed when it’s dark and get up when it’s light, using very little lighting (all LED)

- all water used for showers drains into the garden (we shower outdoors)

- showers never exceed 30 seconds

- we use hot water from pipes in the sun

- we don't use shampoo or any other hair product - only salt water and a special brush (the no-poo method)

- no water is heated for any cleaning purpose (including showers)

- any soap that is used, is eco (we don't have fat soluble products and gently scrub instead)

- for clothes, we wash mainly by hand, pour the water in the garden, and occasionally (2x a month) a front loading eco machine that drains into the garden, only 15 minute eco-wash cycles

- we do not buy anything we don’t need, and almost all clothes are second hand

- we have found other enjoyments than shopping

- we do our due diligence of companies before we buy stuff and avoid the most cruel or polluting ones

- we try as much as possible to use recycled bags, and to recycle when possible

- we travel by scooter, bicycle, feet and for long distances, public transport

- due to the way we have designed our buildings, we do not require any cooling appliances, though perhaps at most ten days a year we use a fan at low speeds. No AC.

- we have no walls and various animals travel through our home during the day

- monkeys suck, 

- deer, antelope, eagles, birds, frogs, snakes, lizards, insects, and peacocks are lovely

- wind flow is managed by moving items, such as study pods on wheels, a mobile kitchen etc., and not via electricity

- insects are dealt with in one way or another that doesn’t require downstream petrochemicals (99.9% of the time). For the rest we make our insect sprays from herbals, water and oils.

- we do not have a pool, we use the sea

- we flush toilets after number 2 only

- a few times a year we empty our vegan septic tanks and pour the product onto the garden (you’d be surprised how much vegan shit doesn’t stink)

- we sleep outdoors 365 days a year in pods designed to maximize wind and air flow and eliminate the need for cooling appliances no matter what time of year - it's a good feeling to see the stars and the moon

- unfortunately we require an electric pump to pump water, but as much as possible we water when city water is provided at adequate pressure (always before 0600)

- we are waiting for solar to become environmentally viable

- we have planted and water only local trees (though we learned some lessons on what "local" means)

- we exercise outdoors - run on the beach, or do yoga, if we travel we use local parks

- we do not own any energy consuming device we don’t need, except a silent electric guitar (uses rechargeable batteries)

- we use rechargeable headlamps and very few LED lights 

- we use small solar lamps in the toilets

- we charge computers, headlamps, and phones only, and will do this with solar soon (our earlier porta-solar panel bit the dust)

- of course, no one travels now, but we had reduced our flights to one time yearly from Thailand to Spain

- for ten years we operated a very successful health retreat that taught guests how to live healthy, vegan, chemical free, energy efficient lifestyles with as little pharma and fossil fuels as possible

- we teach the second law of thermodynamics as a foundation for managing one’s life

- we embrace nature as a force to respect and collaborate with

- at present, we are both nearly 60 years old and do not require any form of medication, are fit and healthy, creative and lively.

Granted, we live in a tropical climate, and not everyone can do all of these things, but cooking your own locally produced vegan food is about the biggest earth saving measure you can take. The second most important thing we can do is to buy less stuff. When you buy something, anything, ask yourself if you really (we mean really) need it.

The third thing you can do is to vote right - the politicians won't (cant?) do anything if you don't vote for them. They follow your vote as business follows your money.

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"96% of our client's report that they feel happier and are healthier six months after working with us, and 82% of our clients report better lives and improved professional performance still a year later."