Authentic, Long Term Health

Some 25 years ago we set out to get healthy for real. Not with pills or propaganda, but with sustainable, real and good health. We started teaching others and today we mainly mentor professionals on how to find and maintain long term health both at home and at work.


Because we all have different needs and are designed uniquely, our detoxes, herbs and programs are individualized and created in collaboration with you and your body via a comprehensive health assessment. Everyone gets individualized classes for the best experience and long term results.


96% of our guests report that they still feel happier and healthier one year after working with us. Business clients report higher performance and satisfaction. Read about our business approach and why health and O·live are the best investments you can make. We are consultants for entrepreneurs and community builders, too.


Guests and reporters have praised our depth of knowledge. We have been ranked as a "Top Ten" retreat in Conde Nast, the Independent, etc. After 25 years of experience we continue to explore multiple sources of research and methods, which we always first try on ourselves. Read the latest article here.

"It starts with learning to listen to your body, the best doctor, pharmacy and friend you'll ever have." - Cristina, long before anyone else.

Karmic Detox

Reach Inspiration where all healing starts and grows, with our O8 and our easy, user-friendly and competition-free O-method. It will inspire you to "re-program" your own life, past and future, on your own terms. Experience your connection with the time symmetric universe and fill yourself with open awareness instead of the friction of desires and memories (they are not yours anyways). Oh, and Download the Latest Version of God, here.


Ayurveda, Yoga and TCM survived colonial oppression and continue to deliver results because they are so obviously good. Combined with the latest research they form the basis of what we do. Ayurveda does not reduce us to particles but describes our entanglement with nature, cosmic influences and the vital force (Prana, Xi) we enhance to gain physical, mental and spiritual health. It's really very easy, just hard to explain.

Anyone Can Be Healthy

Prescription medication is the first or second cause of death in much of the modern world. 99% of all diseases and disorders are inflammation based, and 80% of all premature deaths are a result of lifestyle. With some 200,000 man-made toxins circulating in our environment and our bodies, it's always a good idea to experience a tailored detox now and then. Get in touch for more information if you are interested in learning how to become free and happy.

We also offer methodology programs for coaches and health professionals, in English, Spanish, Russian, French and Scandinavian languages.

The O·Method

Since 2011 our method includes series of effective and life-enhancing dialogues that will always help you feel right and they are so darn good that we haven't seen the need to change them since. As a foundation we acknowledge that we are more than physical bodies and minds limited to linear space-time. In this view the answer reduces to what you want, really want. We start with basic facts such as cooking and exercises, and from there, who knows.

Health at Work

 Whether it's for yourself, your business, your family, or the team at work, we find what it takes to enhance your health and performance. 96% of our clients get it in the first round. Many come back and some continue working with us after to teach others or to get more out of the hours they work. Businesses have Prana too, and become more innovative, lucrative, and healthy. We support entrepreneurs who want to create good businesses.