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Sign up for our individualized "No-Pain-Health-Gain" detoxes and programs adapted to the modern era, online or onland, if you are interested to know more about health or are committed to your body, mind and overall well being.


Get in touch for more information and/or get a free 22-minute consultation, and a free 8 minute creative meditation.


All our classes and exercises are individualized to your needs and capabilities to ensure your best experience of life.

Effective & Easy

96% of our guests report that they feel happier and healthier still six months after working with us.


We have over 25 years experience in our field and have explored multiple sources of research and studies.



We have used Ayurveda for over 20 years, while updating it regularly to incorporate the most modern research. As the basis from which most holistic medicines and philosophies of wellbeing stem, Ayurveda describes our entanglement with nature.

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Creative Meditation

 Reach the Source of Inspiration and Imagination.

We inspire people to program their own lives on their own platforms, and to refresh their databases with the latest updates in order to experience the highest quality connection with the universe.

The O·method

To Ayurveda we add really cool exercises and practices that will come in handy and always help you "feel right" for the rest of your life. As a foundation we acknowledge that we are more than a physical body and mind limited to a space-time.


Whether you are inquiring for yourself, your family, or the team at work, we are dedicated to finding what it takes to bring you the health you seek and the quality of life you desire. So far we have found it for 96% of our clients.

"There are no two people on this earth who I would more strongly recommend  than Cristina and Ray for your health needs. Their combined knowledge is unmatched and they are with you 24 hours a day."