"Nothing artificial.
And that's exactly what we eat here."

— Condé Nast Traveler

"… gentle weeks
of cleansing food
and relaxation …"

— The Independent

"… perfect for those
who want to relax and
cleanse gently."

— Queen of Retreats



April - June 


mind & body health retreats in khao tao

November - march


"Müssten wir das Olive Retreat in einem Wort beschreiben, wäre es wahrscheinlich: Großartig!"

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Nominated a Top 10 Wellness Holiday by Queen of Retreats. Featured in Conde Nast, the Independent... 

"If you seek a change this is the right place."

Olive Retreat is different, a top-ranked wellness destination and health retreat dedicated to helping individuals discover what health means to them and applying this health knowledge into the rest of their lives. We are top-ranked by the most travelled reporters, not because we have the nicest pool or rooms with AC (we don't) but because we are the most authentic. We are health for real, and if you chose to join us you'll benefit from the change you want. You'll learn the latest scientific news, the ancient wisdom, and you'll learn how to continue back home. We believe in Health Democracy - everyone's right to be healthy.

Let us guide you to a healthier, more enhanced lifestyle as you dream and define it. Enjoy our gentle and open approach to healing with our retreats in Spain during the nice months in Europe, or in Thailand during the cold months.


Everything is Included

We prefer to make it easy for both you and us. Everything is included in our prices!

You just book your flights.

  • Accommodation in single or double/twin room (tents available in Thailand)
  • 24 h staff; we are always there for you
  • Pick-up transfer from the airport (SPAIN around 5 pm, please book your flights accordingly)
  • Transfer back to the airport (SPAIN around 10 am, please book your flights accordingly)
  • Books: Body detox + OO8 Mind detox + Yoga manual described in detail + more literature 
  • Health assessment (extensive Health Questionnaire is sent once you are booked)
  • Personalised detox program including liquid day(s) and flush
  • All meals: clean, real, vegan, detoxing food and why no gluten, no sugar, no yeast, no refined food. (don't worry, you won't be hungry!)
  • 1 massage to enhance your detox (more can be provided, paid in cash)
  • Daily availability of snacks for the hungry, (hungry is not healthy :)
  • Unlimited detoxing herbal teas and spiced waters according to your specific needs
  • Daily Body & Mind health class/dialogue
  • One-on-One sessions
  • Cooking, dessert making, smoothies & baking classes - all you want
  • Well monitored liquid day(s) with digestive detox flush if applicable (decided at health assessment) 
  • Daily yoga/stretch/body awareness with Pranayamas and Meditation and why
  • Daily individualised aerobic + anaerobic exercise in amazing nature (see pictures)
  • Daily meditations (guided + non-guided + mindful) and the philosophies behind the world of meditation
  • A gentle facial class with natural substances (7 days)
  • Outdoor swimming pool (Spain) or the Sea (Thailand)
  • Plenty of time and space to relax, read, talk and enjoy.
  • Internet to support your learning (not in your rooms :)
  • Recommendations upon departure (how to continue your quest for better health)
  • Post-retreat support and follow-ups
  • A hand made unique gift for you to remember a life transforming week 
  • Flexibility on dates and prices - let us know what you need and we'll adapt if we can

(You only have to book your flights and get a travel insurance if applicable for you. Please compare our price considering we include everything. We know it is not the best pricing strategy but we are not in this business to be strategic. We just think it's easiest for both you and us!)

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